Corporate Structure

CCR’s concessions are currently held by 21 companies with specific purposes.

CCR acquired an interest in the Concessionaires as a result of a capital increase involving the transfer of the total equity interests held by Andrade Gutierrez, Camargo Corrêa, Odebrecht, Serveng and SVE to the share capital of the Concessionaires. Generally, the Company owns all the shares of its subsidiaries except in the case of ViaLagos, an insignificant amount of shares held by the respective directors. However, there are three subsidiaries where the CCR is not the holder of all shares.

On November 27, 2000, the Company signed a services agreement with CGMP and other holders of toll road concessions in São Paulo state (with Banco Itaú S.A. and ABCR acting as intervening third parties in the contract) for the implementation and management of an automatic vehicle identification system for electronic toll payment called “Sem Parar” for a period of 6 (six) years. CCR does not disburse any amount for these services; CGMP is remunerated by charging our users directly.

CCR provides advisory services and consulting to the Concessionaires, through companies providing services, in which we have virtually all of the share capital. Our management is responsible for defining the strategy and coordinating the operations of each of the Concessionaires. Since December 18, 2002, each concessionaire contracts general administrative services from Actua Actua Assessoria.

GBS absorbed Actua Serviços, Actua Assessoria, and Engelog, which are divisions created to operate as shared service centers dedicated to the Concessionaires, with the purpose of providing general administration services, comprising the management of financial resources, securities, enterprises, businesses, projects and assets, as well as methods and systems administration, administrative analysis, credit and cost risk assessment, supply management, third-party asset management, advisory and consulting services of companies, human resources, personnel and systems, management of data processing centers, computing, construction coordination, development of engineering solutions, and equity interests in other companies.